(born June 21,1982) Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of the American alternative rock band, the Killers.

Full Given Name Brandon Richard Flowers

June 21, 1982

Born Henderson,  Nevada, United States
Genres Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
Occupations Singer, Songwriter, musician
Can Play Vocals, keyboards, piano, Bass Guitar

Early LifeEdit

Brandon Flowers was born on June 21, 1982. He was the youngest of six children (had 1 brother, Shane, and Four Sisters, Shelly, Amy, April, and Stephanie. He and his family lived in Henderson, Nevada, until Flowers was in the third grade. They moved to Payson, Utah, and then after that, Nephi, Utah.

He graduated High school in 1999, just 2 years before the killers was formed.

The KillersEdit

After getting kicked out of his keyboard band, Blush Response, Brandon set forth to become a rock star. He called upon an ad posted by guitarist Dave Keuning in a newspaper. It was the year 2001, and an amazing year it was, as it was when these two musicians decided to call themselves The Killers. They joined up with several drummers and base guitarists, before settling on Ronnie Vanucci JR and Mark Stoermer. Over the past decade the band has grown to be quite popular.

Solo WorkEdit

Brandon has released a self published album, titled Flamingo. It was released in 2010 and had it's own solo tour.

In September 2013, Brandon said that he would be doing a second album, most likely to be released sometime in 2015.


Brandon has a wife, Tana Mundkowshy, who he married on August 2,2005. He has three sons, Ammar, Gunnar, and Henry. (born 2007-2009-2011, respectively)

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